We are ready for 2023: Growth and learnings from the past year

2022 was an amazing year at Flourish FI and we want to share with you some insights, reflections and learnings from the past year During the year, in collaboration with our customers, we had a big impact across the Americas, we supported more than 47 thousand people from Brazil, Bolivia and the United States to have better money habits and […]

Flourish Fi partners with Tricolor to empower Latinx borrowers to build positive money habits.

Flourish integrates its customer engagement and financial wellness platform with Tricolor to enhance both borrower’s financial health and digital experience San Francisco, California, January , 2023 — Flourish Fi, a California-based fintech, has partnered with Tricolor to expand on its mission to provide responsible products and drive financial inclusion for US Hispanics to launch a financial wellness and loyalty program. […]