The Financial Institution of the future

We all know the importance of data-driven personalization and recommendations in the digital economy. In the post-pandemic world, these are rooted in our daily activities from watching a movie to listening to music or making an online purchase. Netflix recommends the next show you are likely to enjoy, Amazon recommends items you will likely need (or not), and Spotify recommends […]

Behavioral Economics 📚: A Reading List for #BehaviorHacking

My curiosity about behavioral economics started during my undergraduate days at UC Davis where I first read Freakonomics by economist Steven Levitt and New York Times journalist Stephen Dubner. Little did I know that more than a decade later the concepts in their book were going to heavily influence my career and the way we think about product interventions at […]

4 Simple Steps Towards Financial Freedom

Financial Freedom should be a goal in life but, our society turned it almost into a taboo that should not be discussed or asked about it. We are here to change that and teach you how to ative financial freedom. How often do you think and talk about money? In the US and many other parts of the world, we […]

Meet Cristiano Miano, Head of Strategic Partnership & Product

We’re excited to welcome Cristiano Miano to the team as Head of Strategic Partnership & Product! At Flourish we help financial institutions build stronger digital relationships with their customers. Through personalized financial products we leverage behavioral mechanics, automation, and data-driven insights to reduce churn and drive deposit growth, all while empowering individuals to build healthy financial habits. Earlier this month, we announced an investment round led […]

Financial Resources for Uncertain Times with COVID-19

It seems overnight all of our lives have changed and continue to change. Everything seems uncertain, from our jobs to a simple grocery store visit. We are faced with new challenges each day; Which resources can I trust? How do I stay productive? How do I move forward? This post will help you with financial resources for uncertain times. Over […]

From Savings Stress to Success

From Savings stress to success – The savings journey of Jaime, a Flourish Saver My savings journey began with a friend. In college I took a personal finance class with my friend Skyler, and in becoming more familiar with personal financial strategies, we also became more open about our own situations. We were able to give each other realistic advice because […]

Journey to Launch an App – Flourish is now available to download

After working with our early “super” users, we are excited to release the first public version of the Flourish app. The app now includes a FREE rewards-based savings account and a personalizable journey so that you can decide how to best meet your goals. And of course, there will be several chances to win prizes — the more you save the more chances you […]

Turning My Financial Mistakes Into My Money Lessons

Four Important Savings Lessons I Learned the Hard Way By Candice Madruga Knoll, Flourish Contributor Saving money is not something I would ever think of writing about. I am in no position to lecture anyone about financial responsibility and savings, so think of this as a “lessons learned through my own mistakes” piece. I come from a family that always saw […]