Flourish FI receberá parte do Mastercard Strive Community somado em 1 milhão de dólares

A Flourish FI é uma das oito vencedoras globais da rodada inaugural de concessões do Innovation Fund da Strive Community. O fundo de 1 milhão de dólares foi dividido entre as empresas para financiar projetos de impacto social para pequenas empresas. As pequenas empresas, como as que são apoiadas pela tecnologia da Flourish FI, são agentes essenciais do crescimento inclusivo, […]

Com colaboradores em países e com escritório virtual a Flourish lidera o “novo normal”

Conheça o escritório virtual da Flourish FI – Pastas guardadas nas nuvens, relógios marcando horários de diversos fusos, cafés chegando via aplicativo e encontros em salas de reuniões online. É assim que funciona a Flourish, fintech do Vale do Silício. Com o avanço da vacinação começamos a, finalmente, entrar no tão esperado e debatido “novo normal”. Depois de quase um […]

#TBT Big News in 2021

The new year is a great time to set goals and review our achievements and looking back in 2021 made us very proud of the results of our work. We continue to onboard new banks & financial institutions across the Americas to deploy our financial wellness solution and expand their impact.   What a year at Flourish FI! The Flourish squad […]

Flourish FI Named to 2021 Inclusive Fintech 50 [Newest Cohort]

The judges have spoken, and Flourish FI was selected as one of the winners of the Inclusive Fintech 50 (IF50) competition for 2021. The award is organized by the Center for Financial Inclusion (CFI) and is sponsored by Visa, MetLife Foundation, and Jersey Overseas Aid & Comic Relief, with support from Accion and IFC. This year, the focus of the […]

Behavioral Economics 📚: A Reading List for #BehaviorHacking

My curiosity about behavioral economics started during my undergraduate days at UC Davis where I first read Freakonomics by economist Steven Levitt and New York Times journalist Stephen Dubner. Little did I know that more than a decade later the concepts in their book were going to heavily influence my career and the way we think about product interventions at […]

Meet the Flourishing Summer Collaborators

This summer we onboarded three talented individuals to collaborate on special summer projects. Isabella Paschuini, Vitor Tavares and Fabrício Estay will be applying their superpowers and new learnings to expand the Flourish mission of empowering people to build positive money habits. Isabela Paschuini — Product, Behavioral Science Isabella Paschiuni has a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Rio de Janeiro […]

Ganasol -BancoSol partners with Flourish to empower Bolivians to build positive money habits

The launch of Ganasol integrates Flourish Rewards Engine to enhance BancoSol’s digital experience and customer engagement. La Paz, Bolivia, May 25, 2021 — Expanding on its mission to drive financial inclusion for Bolivians, BancoSol has partnered with California-based fintech company, Flourish, to launch a new digital engagement platform called GanaSol. GanaSol rewards users for building positive money habits and enhances the […]

Meet the new Flourishers

Our team is growing and we are happy to announce the new Flourishers that joined our mission of empowering people to build positive money habits and helping financial institutions build stronger digital relationships with their customers. Guilherme Barreto, Yasmin Graeml and Zaan Pirani are now officially part of the Flourish team. Guilherme Barreto — Customer Success & Enablement Guilherme Barreto […]

4 Simple Steps Towards Financial Freedom

Financial Freedom should be a goal in life but, our society turned it almost into a taboo that should not be discussed or asked about it. We are here to change that and teach you how to ative financial freedom. How often do you think and talk about money? In the US and many other parts of the world, we […]

Meet Cristiano Miano, Head of Strategic Partnership & Product

We’re excited to welcome Cristiano Miano to the team as Head of Strategic Partnership & Product! At Flourish we help financial institutions build stronger digital relationships with their customers. Through personalized financial products we leverage behavioral mechanics, automation, and data-driven insights to reduce churn and drive deposit growth, all while empowering individuals to build healthy financial habits. Earlier this month, we announced an investment round led […]