We are ready for 2023: Growth and learnings from the past year

2022 was an amazing year at Flourish FI and we want to share with you some insights, reflections and learnings from the past year During the year, in collaboration with our customers, we had a big impact across the Americas, we supported more than 47 thousand people from Brazil, Bolivia and the United States to have better money habits and […]

The Financial Institution of the future

We all know the importance of data-driven personalization and recommendations in the digital economy. In the post-pandemic world, these are rooted in our daily activities from watching a movie to listening to music or making an online purchase. Netflix recommends the next show you are likely to enjoy, Amazon recommends items you will likely need (or not), and Spotify recommends […]

Flourish raised a $2.3 million funding round, led by Magma Partners

We’re happy to announce that we’ve raised $2.3 million in our latest funding round. This milestone would not be possible without the support of our new and returning investors. The round is led by Magma Partners with participation of Remarkable Ventures, Lightspeed Venture Partners Scout Fund, Canary, Seedstars, Cap Table Coalition, I am the fund, Kadmotek VC, Potencia Ventures and […]

Flourish FI usa ciência comportamental e gamificação para gerar engajamento e empoderar pessoas a terem melhores hábitos financeiros

A falta de educação financeira reforça a ideia de que ter uma reserva de emergência, pagar o cartão de crédito em dia e ter bons hábitos financeiros é uma exclusividade para quem possui uma renda alta. E, durante a pandemia, a falta de uma reserva de emergência se provou ser um problema, a maior parte das pessoas não está financeiramente […]

Um dia na Flourish – Rotina do trabalho remoto

No último ano o mundo aprendeu que é possível trabalhar sem estar necessariamente dentro de um escritório. Mas como manter a cultura da empresa, funcionários unidos e alinhados quando todas as interações são virtuais? A rotina do trabalho remoto não é um grande desafio na Flourish, com colaboradores em quatro países diferentes, a empresa investe em reuniões de equipe e […]

Com colaboradores em países e com escritório virtual a Flourish lidera o “novo normal”

Conheça o escritório virtual da Flourish FI – Pastas guardadas nas nuvens, relógios marcando horários de diversos fusos, cafés chegando via aplicativo e encontros em salas de reuniões online. É assim que funciona a Flourish, fintech do Vale do Silício. Com o avanço da vacinação começamos a, finalmente, entrar no tão esperado e debatido “novo normal”. Depois de quase um […]

#TBT Big News in 2021

The new year is a great time to set goals and review our achievements and looking back in 2021 made us very proud of the results of our work. We continue to onboard new banks & financial institutions across the Americas to deploy our financial wellness solution and expand their impact.   What a year at Flourish FI! The Flourish squad […]

Behavioral Economics 📚: A Reading List for #BehaviorHacking

My curiosity about behavioral economics started during my undergraduate days at UC Davis where I first read Freakonomics by economist Steven Levitt and New York Times journalist Stephen Dubner. Little did I know that more than a decade later the concepts in their book were going to heavily influence my career and the way we think about product interventions at […]

Financial Resources for Uncertain Times with COVID-19

It seems overnight all of our lives have changed and continue to change. Everything seems uncertain, from our jobs to a simple grocery store visit. We are faced with new challenges each day; Which resources can I trust? How do I stay productive? How do I move forward? This post will help you with financial resources for uncertain times. Over […]

Financial Deal Breakers & Dating

Financial deal breakers and dating, how finance differences can be a sign of incompatibility. Picture yourself on a lavish date with someone new… there are a string of lights in the background and live music playing as your perfect date gazes up at you with a beautiful smile. Who wouldn’t fall in love in a place like this? The sights […]