Ganasol -BancoSol partners with Flourish to empower Bolivians to build positive money habits

Ganasol -BancoSol partners with Flourish to empower Bolivians to build positive money habits

The launch of Ganasol integrates Flourish Rewards Engine to enhance BancoSol’s digital experience and customer engagement.

La Paz, Bolivia, May 25, 2021 — Expanding on its mission to drive financial inclusion for Bolivians, BancoSol has partnered with California-based fintech company, Flourish, to launch a new digital engagement platform called GanaSol. GanaSol rewards users for building positive money habits and enhances the journey and experience of its customers who access the mobile banking app.

Since the early 90s, Bancosol has been creating responsible banking products for Bolivians. The bank continues to innovate with the launch of the latest version of its mobile banking app, Appsol 3.0. The new app moves beyond transactions to create a personalized and rewarding experience for its customers. By integrating the Flourish Rewards Engine into their newest application, BancoSol leverages gamification to improve financial wellness.

“We are excited and proud to be working with BancoSol, a mission-aligned organization, to support their business goals of driving digital adoption and engagement. All while enabling everyday Bolivians to achieve their financial goals. ” Says Pedro Moura, Flourish CEO & co-founder. “Bancosol’s innovation and customer-driven approach in implementing Flourish’s engagement module demonstrates their commitment to serve Bolivians, even in this challenging time.”

With clients in the U.S., Brazil, and now officially in Bolivia, Flourish has developed turnkey solutions that enable digital engagement and incentivize financial wellness.

The partnership came together through the intermediation of, a leading global nonprofit committed to creating a financially inclusive world.

“Our partnership with Flourish has the potential to enhance the daily lives of many Bolivians by adopting the use of digital products.,” says BancoSol’s National Manager of Innovation and Digital Transformation, Alejandro Roberto Gumucio Camargo, “Our customers work hard and deserve to be rewarded. I am excited to be able to offer such an innovative product to promote savings habits and digital adoption.

About BancoSol
BancoSol’s history goes back to 1986 when it started to function as a foundation. On February 10, 1992, it became the first microfinance bank in Bolivia and regulated in the world with the mission of generating opportunities for micro and small micro-entrepreneurs.

Its great merit was to open the doors of the financial system to marginalized sectors of formal financing, through financial engineering that is still a world reference.

About Flourish Fi
Flourish is a Berkeley-CA financial technology company with a mission to empower people to build positive money habits. Flourish licenses its turnkey engagement and financial wellness platform to financial institutions in the Americas. The team at Flourish enables banks, credit unions and other institutions to drive deposit growth, client loyalty and higher customer satisfaction by transforming how people interact with their money. Learn more at