What can we learn from a puzzle?

What can we learn from a puzzle?

At Flourish FI we love puzzles, maybe it is because it matches our solution that is divided in pieces where you can connect and build something bigger. When someone joins us, as part of our startup culture, we send a puzzle into our onboarding kit. Last month we also played a virtual version of the game during our happy hour. 

This post combines some insights sent by Pedro Costa after completing his first 1k pieces puzzle sent on his onboarding kit and some learnings from our virtual puzzles at the Happy Hour.

Slice the Gorilla: In order to solve a problem, it’s nice to take time to properly understand and organize what is going around. Make a plan. In the puzzle,a good way to start is dividing the pieces by  similar color pieces and then evaluating the groups before starting to attach them. When playing online we also noticed that when most of the puzzle was done and we were all trying to work in the same part it got hard. To many people trying to move the same piece doesn’t work, it is better to organize and empower people to lead their part on the puzzle.

Go first for quick wins: Sometimes, when we want to achieve big results, we forget to start with the easiest way. This can generate frustration, and more work to get things done. Quick wins provides the sensation of work in progress, delivering, and happiness. So in the puzzle, the borders are unique pieces, and you can get the “frame” of the picture you are trying to build. 

Teamwork rocks: counting with different skills, eyes and even humor moments, really helps a lot and of course makes things faster. Ask for help, someone else can see that one piece is in the wrong place and that is making you stack in the puzzle.

Let things rest: When in the flow, take advantage of it! But also, when the efficiency drops, especially after a long time working on it, better rest and “let the problem rest as well”. I am sure you will come back with new  insights and test new things, with a new approach. 
Have fun and celebrate: At Flourish FI we believe in the power of gamification and celebrating and rewarding yourself when you get something completed! So make sure you celebrate the steps to the conclusion of your puzzle.

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